Yuri Albert
Visual Arts | 2002 | Russia

"Museum visit with blindfolded eyes", September 26, 2002, Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria.

"Self Portrait with blindfolded eyes", 2002, video still

Approximately since 1990 my works have been grounded on the presumption that Art could be divided into Genuine and Contemporary Art and the Genuine Art is impossible today. In my childhood, while I have been educated in the School of Fine Arts I’ve prefigured my future as a coming time for making rather Genuine art (I wished to become an artist similar to Rembrandt or Van Gogh). But in reality it turned out that I was able to produce only contemporary art, which I love for the memory of the Genuine art which I hope can be traced in my own works. But every time when I close my eyes I still can see a Genuine Art.

"Self Portrait with blindfolded eyes #16", 2002, pencil on paper, 70 x 50 cm